Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Time Posting! 12/5/09

Wow! I'm sooo excited! This is my first time posting on our blog spot. I'm partially writing this to see if it works. Anyway, let me introduce me to you guys. First off, I am 13 years old and I am a competitive figure skater. It's my passion and I'll never stop. My mom asked me to write about our journey adopting our little angel from Ethiopia, so I gladly said yes. I have two brothers, Ethan 12, and Logan 6. Sharon and Bill are my parents, but I can't tell you their ages or I might get grounded... Our big inspiration is from another Johnson family who adopted their little Lucy Lane from Ethiopia as well. I follow them on their blog and post comments all the time. She's sooo cute! I have their link on here if you want to see. Can't wait to share our blessings with you!



  1. Mady, your blog looks great...Ok, so I used a girl who decorates blogs "as a business" to do mine...She did it for free IF I would advertise for her...You can see her advertisement on my right side bar...I can't recall what it is called...Something about "creative art...."??? Click on it and she can help you if you want...tell her you are 13 and maybe she'll do it for free :) I love that you love your little sister SO MUCH already...kristi j

  2. Mady -

    Your blog is just beautiful. It is wonderful to have sisters - I have two of the best - and I know you will just LOVE it, too!!! Thanks for letting us share this loving experience...aunt linda