Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Rooms

It's finally me again! I think my mom and my brother saw how much fun I was having, and they wanted a turn! Anyway, we're officially starting to make the baby's room. Us siblings had to do a big switch with rooms because there are only four bedrooms upstairs. Ethan and Logan are sharing my old room and they just got their new bunk beds as well as their bedding and they're loving it! In our family, we like to make our rooms in themes so Ethan and Logan have both decided they want a log cabin themed room. We just had a painter come today to check out all the rooms. He's got a cool technique to make the walls actually look like logs! My room is gonna be beach themed. Anybody that knows me is very aware that I loooooove anything tropical! My mom really put the cherry on top when she found a mural of a beach scene for my wall! I think I'm gonna paint the room a really really light greenish color. Lastly, and most importantly, the baby's room. We were looking at Leapfrog and Lilypad Baby (website) and found a really cute room with hot pink walls and green and brown bedding with flowers and butterflies on it. It's gonna be soooo cute! I can't wait! That's it for now... I'm almost falling asleep writing this! Goodnight!

-Mady :)

(I'll have a bunch of new pics within the next few days!)

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